Our farm products

Farm Eggs


€ 0,38 per piece


Real farm eggs in boxes of 6 or 10 pieces. Also cooked eggs (box of 4). Of course GMO and antibiotic-free feed.



€ 8,80 per kilo


Juicy and tasty, slow growth (up to 12 weeks), GMO and antibiotic-free feed, gentle slaughter.

Boiling chicken


€ 3,80 per piece


For a healthy, nourishing soup. GMO and antibiotic-free feed, gentle slaughter.



€ 3,30 per glass (385 ml)


Nourishing and healthy - especially in the colder season. Of course homemade!

Homemade jam


€3,70 per piece


Different flavors (also depending on season). Very fruity and not too sweet!

Egg liqueur


€11,00 (1/2 litre)


Also available lactose-free if requested! Bottles of 0,5 and 0,25 L

Homemade Syrup


€ 3,60 to € 4,00 per piece


Fruity syrup in different flavors (seasonal) and sometimes very special creations!

Seasonal Products


Courgettes sweet and sou

 (only in summer)


€ 3,90/per piece


Our summer favorite! Spicy, sweet and suitable for so many dishes!



Wild herbal butte

 (only in summer)


€ 3,80/per piece


Fresh herbs from the meadow, butter from the mountain, a few spices  - that’s it!




This thougt is our highest aim when it comes to the MILCHERHOF products.


Only if the animals are allowed to grow up and live in far better circumstances than just necessary. The search for the best food never ceases. Our own education always stays important. Criticism and suggestions are allowed and desired. Sustainability and regionalism are self-evident…


then the foundation is given for honest consumption - and that’s when our work starts!

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